The Covid-19 situation has got a lot of people sitting at home and many businesses shutdown due to lockdown restrictions by the Government.

Unlike the exception of businesses offering food, medical and essential products, other businesses such as Fasade Design and Build have opted for virtual consultation services. This has given us a verge to meet our clients project deadlines while we await victory over Covid-19 situation.

It should be noted that social distancing is very important at this period to contain the Covid-19 epidemic. It’s undoubtedly a factor that can affect the timely completion of a construction project. Other factors include unavailability of construction materials, labor and cost overruns on current projects.

At these trying times, we are offering discounted rates on architectural design services. In addition to this, we are providing free virtual consultation for our clients via our Facebook and WhatsApp accounts.

Our trained professionals will assist you with the realization of your construction project.

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