With shrewd deployment of our talented professionals and excellent building materials, we are well positioned to translate the most complex design into a structure of outstanding quality that exceeds client highest expectations in all its ramifications. Our expertise in this direction transcends residential and commercial properties, multipurpose building, factories, warehouses amongst others.

The actual construction begins after the completion of documentation process. Works such as Break Ground. Excavation. Foundation. Concrete Forms. Pour Foundation Wall.

Concrete Slab Pour. Gravel. Water Barrier. Rigid Foam. Utilities. Sewer, Electrical, Water, Gas. Framing. Balloon Framing.

Sheathing. Roof. Stairs. Windows. Roofing. Weather Resistant Barrier. Rain Screen. Rough Plumbing.

Creek Court Construction

You just name it.. All of these would be done depending on the scope of work.

After all the works on the job site have been completed, we’ll take you through the post-construction stage before the keys to the building are handed over.

We also possess the skills and know how to revive, revitalize, remodel and restructure existing structures to meet new desires and dreams while retaining its historical and emotional significance. We are always able to achieve this due to the innovative ability of our staff and creative deployment of the best raw materials.